Let's surprise our next Gen with the natural resources in their natural form

Iodized Purification

With the new innovative iodized-based purification technology, we can achieve much better air purification without using carbon.


A Step towards Safe Next Gen.

As Omni ION is using only natural resources to purify air, we can gift our Next Gen a gift of natural resources.

Filter Free Purification.

No need to change filters daily / weekly. Just setup Omni ION and forget. It'll keep cleaning your environment 24X7.


Trusted Home & Business Solution.

Our technicians are highly trained, extremely knowledgeable, and are ready to provide you with heating repair in Nashville and the surrounding communities.

Ionized-based air purification

Ionized-based air purification process is clean and environment friendly

Approved by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Omni ION is not just an innovative product, it is also well researched and approved by IIT, Delhi

Plug and play easy to use design

It's remarkable easy to use plug and play design helps Omni ION to stand out in its category.

No need for filters, increasing life span of Omni ION

Fully automatic filter free Omni ION makes your life super easy.

Removes harmful PM 2.5 particles

Omni ION not only purifies air, but also removes harmful particles like PM 2.5

Captures bacteria, viruses, and allergens

Omni ION is not only an air purifier, it also captures bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

We're Backed by 20+ Years of Experience.

Mehul Dhokai / Co Founder & Primary Investor



The Money You Can Save when Omni ION is being used regularly


Projects are projected to be accomplished by the end of the year.

1 lac+

Trees can be saved per year by not using regular filters.

Watch our video for getting more idea about Omni ION.

We are Omni ION, the pioneer in ionized-based air purification technology. Our story began with a vision to provide a safe and sustainable solution to purify the air we breathe. We are proud to introduce the world's first air purification process based on ionization, designed to meet the needs of the modern world.


The Champions of Change Make it Real.

Multidisciplinary vibrant complimenting team with each one of us having domain experience of more than 20 years

Dr. Neeta Doshi

Research in Application of IONs (11 Yrs.)

Mr Mehul Dhokai

Marketing and Sales B2B, B2G (10 Yrs.)

Dr. Anil Mehta

Operations and Electrical maintenance (13 Yrs.)

Advisory Board

Dr. Jagadish Rane

Principal Scientist (31 Yrs.) I/C- Head , NIASM Baramati

Dr. Mohan

Atmospheric Science (30 Yrs.) Scientist GIMD

Dr. Sagnik Dey

Associate Professor (20 Yrs.) Air quality, climate change IIT Delhi

Dr. Anish Srivastava

Virologist (10+ Yrs.) Lead Research Scientist Rivaara Labs Banglore

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