We Are Omni ION

About Us.

Omni ION was founded with a vision of using healthy ions to improve human health and the environment. Its founders, Mr. Mehul Dhokai and Dr. Neeta Doshi, have developed a range of devices that can effectively reduce PM2.5 and PM10 pollutants from the ambient air and enclosed environments. The devices also reduce bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, by up to 99.9% in enclosed environments. The filter-less technology is highly effective, quick, and operates on routine power supply. It is customizable, moveable, and has a low maintenance requirement with a product life of over 10 years. The company has also developed smaller variants of its air pollution control device, which can be mounted on street light poles to create a grid to reduce and control pollutants at the source. Additionally, the company is working on ionization-based solutions for artificial rain, fog dispersion, and agriculture yield enhancer. All products are patented, researched, and 100% manufactured in India.

Innovative Ion-based Solutions for a Cleaner and Healthier Environment

One of the key benefits of our product is that it does not require filters, unlike other purifiers on the market. This increases its life span, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice for consumers. With its innovative technology, our air purifier effectively captures and eliminates airborne pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens. This provides a safer and healthier environment for our customers, making it a must-have in today's world.

At Omni ION, we believe that everyone deserves to breathe clean, fresh air


Awesome People Who Make it Real.

Multidisciplinary vibrant complimenting team with each one of us having domain experience of more than 20 years

Dr. Neeta Doshi - CEO

Research in Application of IONs (11 Yrs.)

Mr Mehul Dhokai - CMO

Marketing and Sales B2B, B2G (10 Yrs.)

Dr. Anil Mehta - CTO

Operations and Electrical maintenance (13 Yrs.)

Advisory Board

Dr. Jagadish Rane

Principal Scientist (31 Yrs.) I/C- Head , NIASM Baramati

Dr. Mohan

Atmospheric Science (30 Yrs.) Scientist GIMD

Dr. Sagnik Dey

Associate Professor (20 Yrs.) Air quality, climate change IIT Delhi

Dr. Anish Srivastava

Virologist (10+ Yrs.) Lead Research Scientist Rivaara Labs Banglore